Tuesday , September 27 2022

Former Health Minister suffered a stroke. Calling the Poles


Professor Marian Zembala suffered a serious blow. He fainted during a June meeting of the European Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Paris, whose president is. The professor was under the control of the French health service. Marian Zembala, who suddenly became ill, reported on his Facebook profile, the son of Professor Michał Zembala.

A few days ago, Professor Marian Zembala, who is still fighting for health, decided to address the Pole in order to take care of their health and regularly check blood pressure, because this simple activity can protect us from stroke and give an interview to TVN.

Professor Marian Zebala after injury: Regularly check the pressure

The consequences of stroke, passed by prof. Marian Zebala, is a paralysis of the left side of the body. The famous cardio surgeon has a weak arm and leg. A few days ago, he decided to talk to the media and interview TVN's "Facts". During a conversation with journalists he admitted that he could avoid a stroke and urged the Poles to regularly control blood pressure.

– Four days earlier, my husband was the daughter of Małgosia. I started to suffer from a headache. I did not connect him to measure the pressure, because the man lived in the wedding atmosphere of my daughter, but probably there were symptoms with which I did not connect – he described prof. Marian Zebala.

The former Minister of Health appealed to the Poles to take care of their health and regularly check their blood pressure, reported to the doctor when they observed irregularities and took medications according to the doctor's instructions.

As reported by "Fakti" TVN, 15 million Poles suffer from hypertension, and half of them do not know about it. Moreover, every year, up to 90,000 Poles can strike. Circulatory system illness is still one of the most common causes of death in Poland and Europe.

Who is prof. Marian Zebala?

We remind you that prof. Marian Zebala is one of the most famous Polish cardiac surgeons. He was an associate professor. Zbigniev Religa and participated in the first heart transplant in Poland. In 2001, for the first time in Poland, he transplanted a patient with heart lungs, and also implanted a bypass to a 103-year-old patient. He was Minister of Health in the Government of Eva Kopacz. Today he is the head of the Silesian Heart Disease Center in Zabrze, he is also a deputy. His son Michał is also a cardiac surgeon.

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