Sunday , September 26 2021

Fourteenth pension 2021: is the amount you will get in the fall. See gross and net rates [31.07.2021]

Fourteenth Retirement 2021: This is what you will get. This fall, seniors will receive another additional payment. However, there are special rules for the granting of the fourteenth pension. Who will get the money and how much can you count on? We present the details of the award of the “fourteen”.

For most retirees, the fourteenth pension will be each minimum pension, ie 1,250.88 gross PLN, therefore, PLN 1022.30 per hand. But not everyone can count on that amount. Some people won’t even get a penny!

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Fourteenth Retirement 2021: This is the amount you will get net in your account

The fourteenth full pension will be granted to those people with a basic benefit not exceeding 2,900 gross PLN. What about those who receive the most? Check out the calculations and the fourteenth pension you will get. In our gallery, we present the table of payments of the fourteenth pension. See how much network you get.


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