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Frankowski hardly got into politics, and that is the case. The insult by Zenek Martyniuk


There is a movie on the network where we can see how the disco disk Zenon Martyniuk and Tomasz Frankowski – the candidate of the European Coalition, encourage voting in the European Parliament elections. When the fans began to ask Martyniuk why he became involved in politics, he made a statement. And he declared: "I do not support any electoral committee".

To the profile of ex-footballer Tomasz Frankowski, who assumed politics and is one of the European Coalition in the Podlasie-Varman-Masurian region in the next elections to the European Parliament, appeared a film with himself and … Zenon Martyniuk, the most popular polo vocalist, also called King of this musical genre.

Martyniuk explains that the elections will take place on May 26.

"We welcome my dear, very kind to vote"

– says Martyniuk, then shakes Frankowski. His name is not there, and the musician does not indicate that he should be voted on by a candidate of the European Coalition.

The film quickly became very popular and took the form of campaigning. Fans began to accuse Martyniuk of participating in politics. A statement was published on the Akcent website.

"Regarding the use of Mr. Frankowski in Fan Page, I neglect the rumors and false interpretations of this fact: I have not been and I am not affiliated with any political party, I do not support any electoral committee and I do not dedicate myself to politics"

– wrote Martyniuk. He explained that it was about encouraging the vote of the Poles, not promoting Frankowski.

Frankowski scored the samoboj. Anyway, it is not the first …

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