Tuesday , October 26 2021

Germany: Assassination of 16-year-old Victoria. A suspect in meeting a teenager


Prosecutor Christopher Gerhardi told the newspaper that “the suspect and the victim knew each other. The reason is still unclear. The murder weapon is still being sought.”

In the morning, services searched the young man’s apartment. “The parents were surprised at the age of the detainee,” the victim’s family lawyer said in an interview with Bild. According to the lawyer, the body of the 16-year-old must be taken to her hometown in Poland and buried there – writes the newspaper.

Wiktoria, 16, of Polish descent, was murdered last week in a garage in Grossroehrsdorf, Saxony. The weapon of the murder was a knife.

The murder caused a great stir in the city. The lawyer for the victim’s parents even called on the local community to remain calm – reported “Bild”.

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