Tuesday , October 26 2021

Gessler got his feet in the alcove! The view is stunning!


Magda Gessler thanks to “Kitchen Revolutions” has become one of the big stars of television.

The famous restaurateur is also very active on her Instagram, where more than a million people follow her, and this is probably not the end.

Fans love his sense of humor and most of all, his quirky entries full of typos and typos.

Many even claimed that Magda wrote publications under the influence, but Gessler herself claimed that she did not even like alcohol and avoided it.

Unfortunately, their social media profiles also manage to hate them who criticize their appearance and behavior. It seems that Magda hurt her lower limb and, more precisely, her feet …

People wrote that they were deformed and had bunions. Gessler has decided not to cover them and will continue to brag about them.

“My lazy and weird feet are already getting up. Outside I think it’s cool !!!! Already already” – he wrote under the photo of the bedroom, in which his feet played the first violin.

Of course, people criticized again, but this time the positive comments prevailed …

“Why weird? Normal hisses,” “You have beautiful feet, aesthetic and symmetrical, I’d like to see them from a different angle,” “Toes without coating,” “Mmmm, but feet” – they raved.

How do you like Magda’s feet?

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