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Google Stadia: Many emerging projects have been canceled

February 28, 2021, 8:13 p.m.

Google has canceled many games over the last year that were expected to appear on the Stadia streaming platform. Among them were Hideo Kojima’s horror game, an action game by a former Ubisoft employee, and the sequel, Journey to the Wild Planet.


A Google Stadia spokesman said in a statement to GamesRadar + that Robinson’s article was false and that he was trying to present the rumors as facts. This is an excerpt from the Kojima and Suzuki projects. The company denied that it had agreed to any agreement with any of the developers, on the other hand, he admitted that he was in talks with many business partners, which he did not have to end with cooperation.

The three originals:

Continued information in Google Stadia. Yesterday we wrote about the reasons for the failure of this streaming platform and why, according to former and current employees, Google’s plan to create its own games has failed. Today, Video Games Chronicles published an article by Andy Robinson, which focused on projects in various stages of production canceled by the corporate giant. Its text is a collection of information from people who know about Google’s plans.

By company there were some interesting artists, including Hideo Kojima. In May last year, also on the pages of the VGC portal, the creator of Death Stranding said that one of his projects had been canceled. It was probably an exclusive game for Google Stadia. Robinson claims that the play of the Japanese would be a horror film released in episodes. Kojima Productions had a plan to create an innovative game with Google Cloud, but the contract was broken by the vice president of this company ?? Phil Harrison. Another of the creators who was offered the collaboration was Yu Suzuki, known mainly from the Shenmue series.

Google has canceled many Stadia games in development, including the Hideo Kojima project [Aktualizacja] - illustration # 1

The legendary creator quickly accepted Google’s decision and is currently working on a new game.

One of the deleted items is a multiplayer action game with a working title Border. The team responsible for the production was led by Francois Pelland, a former Ubisoft employee who was involved in the creation of, among other things, Assassin ?? s Creed: Syndicate in South Park: The Fractured but Whole. The developers were surprised by the decision of the IT giant, because they learned of the cancellation of the project from the Internet.

The same thing happened with the members of Typhoon Studios who were hired by Google in 2019 and were responsible for the cooperative adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet. The creators were working on the sequel, which was supposed to include fully animated cut scenes and would be a production on a larger scale than the original.

Google has canceled many Stadia games in development, including the Hideo Kojima project [Aktualizacja] - illustration no.  2

Journey to the Wild Planet 2 is one of the productions that went to Google Cemetery.

Harmonix, a studio that creates well-known music games, among others, is in a better position. of the Rock band, the Dance Central series and the first two parts of Guitar Hero. Another title of this genre was to be released at Stadia. Sources claim that the production is practically finished and that there are problems related to the licensing agreements on the way to the premiere. However, this relationship was denied by the head of Harmonix ?? Steve Janiak. He said this on the VGC portal There are no issues with the game and if necessary it will be released on a platform other than Stadia.

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