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He came back from the tropics, didn’t he put up quarantine? On the Internet, a storm after the entries of Kurdej-Satan | TVP information

Barbara Kurdej-Satan again caused quite a stir. The celebrity has just returned from a stay in Zanzibar, of which he has managed to show off on social media. Fans immediately understood that now the celebrity had to go to her forties and not walk through the park, as we can see in one of the posted photos.

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On January 10, Kurdej-Szatan posted a photo of his vacation in Zanzibar on Instagram. In the photo, we can see the star of several TV commercials strolling along the beach with a stroller.

At first, the photo aroused positive feedback, but it turned out that it was not taken by chance. The actress was to be paid for posting a photo of a specific cart on her social media.

A few days later, photos of Poland appeared on the celebrity’s profile. Internet users in the comments immediately noticed that their heroin should be quarantined after returning to the country.

“The driver era has begun for me. My husband went to rehearsals in Lodz. He will be sitting there from Monday to Friday every day, and I will drive the children. At school, from school, in classes, at the doctor, inside and out: the actress complains online.

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“VIPs are not in quarantine.” “My friend just got back, she’s in her forties and she’s sitting, so it’s great that one has to do it and the other doesn’t,” are two of the most benign entries.

Kurdej-Satan, who is often eager to engage in controversy in comments on his photos, has not spoken this time.

On Wednesday afternoon, a few days later, another photo appeared on Kurdej-Satan’s profile. This time the celebrity was photographed with her several-month-old son. “Yes, it’s time to start improving the image. These numbers are not among us, “the netizen wrote.


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