Wednesday , June 29 2022

He entered because he asked the police to check the legality of BMV


The 38-year-old Celma asked the police to check the legality of the car he wanted to buy. It turned out that the man was wanted, and the serial numbers of the car were not in accordance with his documents – reports Lublin cops on Wednesday.

According to police officials, on Tuesday, 38-year-old Chełmian asked election aid units to determine whether BMV wants to buy comes from a legal source. Officers who came to the place checked the car and its documents. It turned out that the numbers of BMV factories were not compatible with those that were included in the documentation.

The police also checked the man who asked them for help. It was found that he wanted to serve a two-month sentence for the "crime against justice".

"The policemen kept him safe and brought him to prison on the same day, they also provided the car with possible interference with its factory amount," the police said.

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