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I am not part of the PiS propaganda


"Solid Gold "is the title of the film that has recently sparked much emotion. The production of Jacek Bromski, which is expressly referred to as the Amber Gold scandal, did not particularly like publishers of Czersk that Gazeta Wyborcza declared that it was a "diabolical plan of President PiS." In turn, the same director, in turn, provides in an interview with "Super Express" that the movie is inspired by several financial pyramids that feed on the credulity of the Poles.

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The film tells the story of police officers investigating a political and business agreement in Pomerania and working in a group that builds a financial pyramid, offering financial investments for a suspiciously high percentage – writes "SE." As the director reveals, the action "Solid Gold" takes place in Gdynia, and history has been completed.

In the movie, they played Janusz Gajos, Andrzej Seweryn, Olgierd Łukaszewicz and Danuta Stenka. The director assured that there is not, not even accidental coincidences with specific politicians.

It will not be a happy story. Those who see it may be discouraged from voting for any politician, regardless of the option. Nobody will use this movie to fight or agitka. It is good and interesting

– stressed Jacek Bromski.

In turn, Olgierd asukaszewicz, in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza, said that the actors who interpreted the film want to postpone their release in time after the elections, since, as he added, it is not part of the "PiS propaganda".

The actor argued that none of the actors who interpreted the production associated the movie with "The Platform or Tusk Scam".

I would like to say that Tusk had nothing to do with it

– said Łukaszewicz.

He also regretted that the premiere of the movie was postponed from July to October.

Never in the set, Bromski declared that he was making a movie against someone specifically. (…) Do you really think that in the fall of last year, could we suspect that this perverse man, who is the president of television, would give something like this? I do not stay in my head. And what concerns public television is beyond any ethics

– said Olgierd asukaszewicz in an interview with "Wyborcza."

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