Wednesday , December 8 2021

Jacek Sasin on March 11th and the monument Lech Kaczinski in Warsaw


Did PiS "catch the nationalists in the trap"? – asked the interviewer, thinking, among other things, that Andrej Stankievicz announced yesterday in Onet. – Some of the media seemed to be like individual banners that should not appear – said Sasin. – This shows the expectation that the march will compromise Poland. He wants to make sure there are incidents. The vast majority came with the flags of Poland – Sasin emphasized. He also pointed out that the PO leader should be apologized for the "shame marches".

At the same time, Jacek Sasin admitted in an interview: "The incident with the EU flag ignition issue was completely idiotic." – It should not be happening. There will always be a margin of people who want to disturb the march. (…) Many people have not even been received in Poland by those who wanted to disturb the march. It was not good for our predecessors. Thank you very much for being able to organize – Sasin emphasized during the conversation.

– There are different views, I would like that every year on November 11, the Polish state will take over the organization of celebrations in this dimension – and the citizens. This is not an anniversary to be organized in one environment. We should combine different environments, and as PiS – the party of modernization – we have a problem with connecting communities – Sasin said. – We see a COD who wanted to break the march, and on the other hand, a radical right-wing environment. We can not give them this holiday. Mars showed that the Poles wanted the state to organize a march, he said.

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On Saturday, a monument to Lech Kaczynski was discovered in Warsaw. The opposition criticized this decision by the authorities. Referring to this question, Sassin said that "modern independence" due to the policy of this politician and Lech Kaczinski might have had "an impressive monument" than those who stood at Płusudski Square.

– PO promises to demolish the monument – said Sasin. – You see these people do not have enough. Every opportunity to argue Poles will be used. Lech Kaczynski served Poland, perhaps our modern independence would not have happened if it was not for him. It is good that the opposition accepts this, especially when they call themselves Lech Kaczynski. It was worth marking it. I call on the opposition not to make the tragedy of political capital. (…) The monument of Lech Kaczynsky belonged and maybe it's more brilliant than it was created – Sasin said.

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