Thursday , August 11 2022

Jarosław Kaczyński on the details of the subsidies for fattening pigs. "Resolve the easiest way" policy


The head of the government party, Jarosław Kaczyński, in an interview with TVP Info spoke about the development program of the people, including the recent promise of an additional 100 PLN for each pig and 500 PLN for each cow. He revealed the details of the program that will be funded with EU funds. President PiS was a television guest after the PiS regional convention in Lublin.

– We want to support this type of production, which is an opportunity for Polish agriculture, in which there are still many small and medium-sized farms. They are farms that can produce foods with healthy and natural methods and for our cuisine and our health. It can also be an export product, he said.

– I know that ladies and gentlemen of the PSL, this continuation of the communist ZSL, try to get rid of these 100 zlotys of a pig or 500 zlotys of a cow. But they forget that it is when it comes to own breeding, feeding, not using GMO and animal welfare, which are well maintained.

– he said. – It is totally in the possibility of European funds of the so-called rural development program – he added. As stated, you can get a lot of money from these "non-existent" funds if farmers are only interested. – This is a way we open and support. It's easier to understand, if you do not understand it, or pretend you do not understand it – he added.

– You also have to remember that our social programs adapt to a great extent in the field – he pointed out.

Jaros³aw Kaczyński: I want you to make a good opposition

Kaczyński criticized the opposition in the interview, accused the lack of a program and said that he wanted Poland to have a "good opposition". He said that between PiS and PO there is a "gap of powers".

– Today, there is no alternative to good governance other than PiS. I would like you to create a good opposition that works in the interests of the country. It's only health – he said. I do not think there is any such opposition today. – I would like this exchange at the head of the government to be a normal procedure, as in the democratic states. Today we have a total opposition and, as it is said, we have seen it during the eight years. So far I do not know everything and I think maybe we do not know much, he said.

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