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Krystyna Pawłowicz when asked to leave politics: everyone is on their knees!


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Photo: tvn24

Video: tvn24
Pawłowicz to the journalist of TVN24: Kneeling, asks for forgiveness, treason

– Question & # 39; m. Krystyna Pawłowicz on Law and Justice on TVN24's reporter, Wednesday, trying to find out what he will do after the announced end of his political career.

On Tuesday, Krystyna Pawłowicz, of Law and Justice, on Twitter announced that she left the policy.

"In autumn, my eight-year parliamentary work will end, I am grateful to President Jarosław Kaczyński, who helped me defend and repair Polish affairs. I am proud to be able to represent the Law and Justice in the Sejm and the National Judicial Council "- wrote.

The TVN24 reporter, Radomir Wit, tried to find out what future plans will be made on Wednesday after finishing work at the Sejm. – Lord, with TVN, you know I do not speak, – replied Pawłowicz.

– Question & # 39; m. Kneeling and sorry – he said after a moment when the reporter asked about his decision.

Wanting to know what to apologize, Radomir Wit heard this "throughout his life."

After the meeting of the politicians of Right and Justice, the reporter of TVN24 repeated the attempt to speak with the deputy Pawlowicz, but this one again refused clearly agitated. – Kneeling, ask forgiveness, a traitor. Everyone on your knees! – she said, marching.

Second announcement of departure

Krystyna Pawłowicz has announced her departure from politics for the second time in recent months. In December 2018 he also wrote about it.

An adjunct of PiS made greetings from Christmas to Twitter users. A discussion was started under his entrance. The politician declared: "My time in politics this Christmas has come to an end, now young. Respect."

"I want to end my political activity, I have many things to do, the final life and the order," he stressed.

Author: asty / adso
Source: tvn24

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