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Maciej Stur and Cuba Voyddzky were full of visions. For a moment, the catcher is too much

"Planet Singles 2" is running records. It's no wonder Maciej Stur, one of the main characters in the film, will visit the studio of Cube Vojevdzkiego. The actor not only answers questions of a self-interested TVN, but during the program he also returns his kisses.

Caus will be the beginning of a conversation about homosexuality.

He's joking that it will be a test that men of our time have to do to make sure they are gay or not. (…) Each and every time must be repeated. The test consists in the fact that if you make a stick and you do not have an erection, you are not a gemstone with a stone face Maciej Stur.

And this is not gay … and he does not hesitate what I said – artwork of the moment, Voevsky, who obviously calls for his last conversation with Anya Rubik, who directly asks about his sexual orientation.

Maciej Stur in Cuba Vojevdzkiego on Eyewitnesses

The interview, as it happens from Cuba Vojevdzkiego, has to capture the question of the age of journalists and his guests. This time, the theme of paternity was touched. And this is because Maciej Stur is the father of a two-year-old child and, as he says, the book "Tata Tadzik", a collection of columns published in the monthly "Zvierciado".

Whether the father is a rejection, is he falling into the circle? – an investigative journalist who admits that he would love his father.

I would say it refuses. (…) A child encourages older people to care about things, for example, we eat grass. (…) In my Sunday my son began to talk to me by name. (…) Yesterday he said he had a birthday because he wants to give presents. As I asked, what he said was the rest, the actor admitted.

It can fall into the company of this grass-erection of Voivodzki.

Maciej Stur about his activity on Facebook

What will lately make me unhappy? – Start Cuba, who obviously wants to call on the political and social work of the artist.

From "Pokocija" began a delicate moment, it turned out that I have friends and people who show different gestures. And that would be a shock, because it happened in a few days. I understand how I wrote one, the second, third post on Facebook, which launches the discussion in which I find a little perverse satisfaction in this. (…) I do not have to love all of them (…) I especially think of my relentless stupid reception.

The actor will continue to deal with his often political statements in social media.

Sometimes the country is hurt. It seems to me that, using his media position, he does much more importantly in life than walking on red carpet – he explains, and the wolf is open to applause.

Maciej Stur on "Planet Singles 2"

Finally, the topic of the "Planet of the Singles 2" is considered, in which Stur is an indisputable star.

Do you feel between you and Vidoch? – he wondered about TVN.

I wonder what is between me and Agniesz, so, as massively after the next parts of this film, we come together and leave behind. Since after the first part of the film, as it is written in the media, it's on the other side.

But for the time being, this is a rumor, we do not know it – stop it by Voevdzki.

I do not know, and I'm afraid, "adds Stur.

Would Stur reluctantly cast his secret colleagues from the industry? After all, the fact that Vidoch was married to Antony Pavlicka has been mentioned for some time.


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