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Małgorzata Socha in a beautiful photo with her husband: "My soul"! :: Magazin :: RMF FM


November 8, 2018, 16:08

Małgorzata Socha is an actress who enjoys great popularity and sympathy for fans. The viewers have certainly remembered her roles in the series "Prziołki", "Na Vspolnej", "Ugli" and dozens of films or theater performances. The actress takes care of her fans and regularly publishes photographs from the film or shares her everyday life. She even recently showed a charming photo with her husband – what she does not do often. What was the reason?

Happiness, love and mutual support

"My pride! Another marathon is behind us!" – this is a description of the actress who took pictures from New York. Then her husband started the entire marathon. Congratulations – this is a great achievement and a reason to be satisfied. The photographs show that the couple are happy with happiness and mutual love. Faithful fans also congratulated success, enjoying Socha's decision to publish a photo with her partner, which she does not do often.

The husband of Małgorzata Socha is Krzysztof Visnievski. Couple married ten years ago. Five years after the wedding ceremony, the couple greeted the first child in the world – Zosia. In 2018, Małgorzata Socha gave birth to her second daughter, Basia. Recently they greeted the girls at their brother's house – Stas.

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