Wednesday , October 27 2021

Natalia Siwiec puts on a fur coat for PLN 6.5 thousand. Outraged fans


Natalia Siwiec gained fame thanks to Euro 2012. After being acclaimed by the most beautiful football fan, she established a permanent home in the Polish show.

An important source of revenue for the star is social media where they advertise various things. Recently, however, the model has been exposed to her fans, putting on a leather coat, the price of which is around 6.5 thousand PLN.

Netizens immediately reacted to the celebrity photo, sparing no criticism.

“And apparently, you’re an animal cruelty? Hypocrisy. Okay, but the money in the account has to match. It’s pathetic that people do anything for money, even opinions change quickly.” this natural fur coat for a person who is a vegetarian, “” Did you think you were against animal abuse? Why not eat meat and do not promote leather products? “- wrote observers of the model.

Siwiec decided to explain to fans his decision to wear a natural fur coat.

What is cruelty-free? This special marking informs that at no time during the production of any product or article were the animals exposed to suffering.

What do you think of the Siwiec translation?

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