Thursday , May 13 2021

NBA: LeBron James took over Vilt Chamberlain

James scored 28 points in the second half of a game with a Portland player. In addition to 44 points, his greatest achievements this season, he added 10 rebounds and nine assists on that day. The total 33-year-old scored 31 425 points in the NBA, and thanks to his natural atmosphere, Villi Chamberlain (31 419) took the classical placement of all time. He came to Lakers for a mid-season break. Since then he has promoted him from the seventh on the fifth in this ranking list, ahead of Germany's Dirk Novitzk. The leader is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38,387.

The cheerleaders Jesioran appreciated the effective James game, singing "M-V-P!". JaVale McGee added 20 points to the winners and Brandon Ingram 17.

The hosts of this event recorded their fourth victory in a row. After a weak start of the season, it seems that they take the wind in their sails, their current balance is 8-6. After the game, bad coach Luke Valton gave a message – quarterfinals Rajon Rondo handled the match during the match, which would have been excluded from the game for at least several weeks.

The leading team in the team was Damian Lillard, who scored 31 points and had 11 assists and eight rebounds. His club lost in Los Angeles for the first time since February 22, The defeat on Wednesday ended with a successful Portland team that defeated the four previous league matches. Blazers with 10 wins in 4 defeats take second place at the Western Conference after the title of Portland Trail Blazers (12-3).

The Toronto Raptors Eastern Conference winners succumbed to Detroit Pistons 104: 106. The win was especially special to guest-visiting coach Dwyane Casey, who had been coach of the Canadian team for seven previous seasons, last season having received the best balance at a conference after the main stage and was released after the fall of the team in the second playoff.

The visiting team reduced the loss of 19 points during the match and brought victory over the fine siren Reggie Bullock. Among his colleagues, Blake Griffin did the best – 30 points and 12 rebounds. By Wednesday, Pistons lost six of the last eight games.

Kavhi Leonard won 26 points for Raptors. The club started the season with seven consecutive victories, but now lost for the second time in a row in their own hall. Their current balance is 12-3, which still gives them a leading position in the east. The defeat on Wednesday meant that they did not repeat their best start in the history of the 2014/15 competition, when they had 13 wins and two losses.

The other team from the east – Milwaukee Bucks (10-4) also had to face the unexpected superiority of the rivals. The goats succumbed to Memphis Grizzlies 113: 116, failing their first season defeat in their home court. Spaniard Marc Gasol scored 29 points for the winners, and the triple critical hit by Mike Conley. The situation changed several times. Guests lost the advantage of 15 points in the third quarter, but ultimately took the lead again. Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo won 31 points and Khris Middleton – 25.

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