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Nestlé will make chocolate without sugar. A new recipe


According to Bloomberg, Nestlé wants to use the remaining cocoa plants for this. It is a white meat that covers cocoa beans and contains natural sugar.

The company wants to spray it and use it instead of traditional sugar. So far, this component was completely unusable and simply thrown.

Anyway, this year, the manufacturer launches KitKat bars with 70%. Black chocolate content, no additional sugar. To start only in Japan.

Targets: commercial taxes? Let's not be fooled: it will be more expensive

"A similar recipe can be used in the production of milk and white chocolate," said von Bloomberg, Alexander von Maillot, head of the Nestle's Sweet Production Department.

Agata Kornhauser-Duda will not receive any wages. It will continue to work for free

Thanks to the new method of manufacturing KitKat bars, it is assumed that they have a 40 percent. less sugar than before

The treasury of the State could lose up to 17 million zł in this smuggling.

They smuggled 15 million cigarettes. The customs officers were detected in Gdansk

According to the Minister Łukasz Szumowski, the situation in pharmacies is stable

No medications in Poland. The minister calms down and creates a special team

In the age of growing care for healthy eating, these solutions can give Nestle an even greater advantage in the market than before.

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MichalkaTherefore, they sweeten the chocolate with residues. Surely, it is not about lower production costs, only the ability to use the magic word & # 34; natural & # 34 ;, … Read all

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altarIn the end, this chocolate will not have sugar while you write in a place or only with less than it as in the other? These ideas have already been … Read all

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WawThe curkier is sugar. No matter what is called, the body reacts in the same way.

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