Sunday , May 16 2021

ONLY IN THE BOX: “Warsaw Shore” producers comment on removing Maciej’s masturbation scene with Oliwia sleeping: “We TAKE IT SERIOUSLY”

Warsaw coast from the first episode, it caused considerable controversy among viewers. In addition to alcohol-soaked parties, sex, and occasional taverns, viewers of the show could also witness extremely pathological behaviors. Nevertheless, the program continues to air and many of its participants currently play the role of Internet celebrities.

He recently debuted on the air Season 15 Warsaw coast, which has already attracted a lot of attention among viewers. All because of disgusting behavior of a certain Maciej Szczukiewicz. In the second episode of the new edition of the program, Maciej fought for the favors of the new participant, Oliwia Dziatkiewicz. After one of the parties, the couple ended up in bed. Olivia before clearly signposted that he does not want anything to happen between them. But when the woman fell asleep, Szczukiewicz began to masturbate on his back.


After the broadcast of the second episode of the 15th season Warsaw coast a real storm broke out on the network, some even demanded that Maciej be removed from the program. After a wave of criticism, the producers decided edit the episode and delete the controversial scene completely. As a result, viewers accused them of a rehearsal cover up the scandal and protect the participant against deserved consequences.

We decided to contact the production Warsaw coast with a request for comment on the scandalous behavior of Maciej Szczukiewicz. An MTV representative assured Pudelka that station it has no intention of minimizing the joke one of the participants. He also revealed why Maciej’s masturbation scene on the back of the sleeping Oliwia was finally removed from the show.


On behalf of ViacomCBS Polska, I would like to inform you we take the situation seriously. We removed a scene from the second episode of the show “Warsaw Shore – Ekipa z Warszawy” (season 15) in order to thoroughly examine all the circumstances, thus ensuring the comfort of program participants – A representative of MTV told us.

Do you think Maciej will suffer the consequences of outrageous behavior?


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