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Patrick Vega will record a documentary. About the Nuns from Broniszewice


This year Patrick Vega has four feature films such as "Mafia Vomen" and "Kuga" Breslau, including two series – "Mafia Vomen" and "Botoks". For this decision, a documentary about the sisters from Broniszewice, who were acquired throughout Poland, will be added after organizing ideas for money to build a nursing home for their witty ward.

Patrick Vega will make a documentary about sisters from Broniszewice

Reiser announced on the Instagram that he will perform a documentary:

Dear sisters, be a great meeting for a big meeting. You have incredible energy and wonderful, full of goodness in the heart. A wonderful project has been set up today – in December, you will create a document about the extraordinary things Sisters work for children who need help from Broniszewice.

It should be admitted that Patrick Vega will choose a truly worthwhile project this time. Dominican sisters from Broniszewice are involved in running a disabled helicopter center in the historic palace. In 2017 it turned out that the funds for maintenance of the institution were lacking. Then, the amazing sisters get ideas, how the zebras need money.

On April 25, 2017, on the World Penguin Day, sisters threw a humorous movie into the network, trying to earn money for building a new center.

"World Penguin Day, we take our desires," wrote sister Eliza. He added that instead of flowers and chocolate, he is ready to accept bricks to build a social security home.

The film, on which the nuns dressed in black and white habits, laugh laterally, quickly gained great popularity. Thanks to him for the money spent on the construction of a new center for 56 persons with disabilities, he was born throughout the country, and jersey and volunteers have already been enrolled in their sisters. The campaign is so popular that in this way it was collected 5 million zlotys.

This year, the sisters also celebrated the day of the penguins, but this time they give big penguins to people who decide to donate the center's equipment.

– They came to us in modern times like children, they often lived here for 30 years, different diseases, people with deep disabilities, fish, various types of somatic diseases, some who do not eat alone, do not go, said mentors Regina in conversation with tvn24 .pl.

We think this film should be watched by Patrick Vega this time.

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