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PlaiStation will not appear on E3! I have three main assumptions about why


The E3 Fair in Los Angeles is the biggest event in the video game industry. Your own E3 conference is an indicator of the strength for each publisher and the confirmation of its position on the market. However, for the first time in 24 years, Sony PlayStation does not appear in Los Angeles. Why?

The decision is surprising because Sonny has a pretty good memory of E3. It was in Los Angeles that the Japanese gained a huge advantage over Microsoft, showing disappointed Xbox fans their PlayStation 4 – a cheaper product and more focused on games than on a competition platform. Sonny appeared on E3 with all generations of consoles, starting with a tarrif adventure already 24 years ago. Surprisingly, it turns out that tradition will end in 2019.

Sony with its PlaiStation 4 will disappear from E3 2019.

It is a powerful blow not only for fairs organizers but also for millions of players around the world. For many, the E3 is like the Olympics. Like the Champions League. The competition on the Soni-Microsoft-Nintendo plane is the reason why many Internet users from Poland carry their nights, live watching broadcasts of conferences broadcasted from the United States. I do not think it will be exaggeration if these days E3 would be a big celebration for all players.

Dani Gone

Unfortunately, for some reason, Sony does not want to celebrate with millions of video game enthusiasts. This information has been confirmed by a large number of Western editors and Sony Interactive Entertainment. SIE issued the following message to the media (editorial translation):

With industry development, Sony Interactive Entertainment is continually looking for new opportunities for engaging the community. The PlaiStation fans are the whole world for us. Therefore, we want to experiment and focus on innovations in order to constantly satisfy the players. That's why we decided not to participate in E3 2019. Instead, we discover new ways to get to the community in 2019. We can not wait to share our plans with you.

Why is the industry leader who sells more than 85 million consoles of the eighth generation, and the best director of exclusive games that do not appear on the E3? Not known. When I think about it, there are three basic scenarios in my head. Each of them seems very probable.

Scenario # 1: PlaiStation 5 is right behind the corner.

For several weeks it has been said that Sony has already introduced leading video game developers with the proposed PS5 specifications. Everything is going on behind the closed doors, and the architects of the new console take into account the suggestions and postulates of experienced developers. Eventually, it will later create games for a new platform. Sonny does not want to repeat the error with the PS3, which was not an overly friendly platform for developers.

If PlaiStation 5 actually goes from the conceptual phase to the initial testing phase, we can expect a console by 2020. So, it is not a question that Sonny crosses all possible resources to create a directory for starting a new machine. The communication strategy does not allow the presentation of these projects to the world, so Sonny gives a vacation from E3. The company will return to Los Angeles in 2020, showing the entire PS5 world at that time. A few months later, the product will go to storage shelves to make it before the season of the Christmas season.

Scenario # 2: Sonny has nothing new to show.

This thread does not exclude track number one. On the contrary. Both assumptions are complementary to one another. Maybe Sony does not want to repeat the E3 2018 error, where the company did not show a loud new project. Death Screaming, Spider-Man, Dani Gone, Dreams, Last of Us Part II – all these promising games, but we already knew about them already in 2017. So it's no wonder that many Sony fans have felt unhappy after last year's presentation.

It is possible that Sony does not want to display the same upcoming games for the third year in a row, but on new game fragments. Maybe Soni's management took an example of Blizard's failure and concluded that, as they have nothing new and interesting to show, it's better not to show anything. It is possible that such a variant is safer than what happened to Blizzard during the Diablo Immortal presentation.

Scenario # 3: Sonny organizes his party to mark the 25th anniversary of PlaiStation.

E3 2019 is not the only event the last time Sonny gave up. The company also resigned from the organization of this year's PlayStation Excellence – its own event, which has become an event complementing the Los Angeles Fair. First, PSKS, now E3 … as if Sonny deliberately wanted to fall to the ground. Very strange, especially considering the position of the sales leader. And the fact that in 2019 is the 25th anniversary of the PlaiStation brand.

It can not be excluded that instead of being present on E3 and complementary experience, Sony wants to make a gigantic event that celebrates 25 years of PlaiStation on the market. Such a decision would be a big blow to the organizers of the fair in Los Angeles. It would be pleasing to fans who, at one time or another, received their live shows in every apartment in the world.

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