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PlusLiga: Radom Akses GKS Katowice

Volleyball players Cerrad Black Radom won 3: 0 against GKS Katowice in the match that ended the 7th round of the PlusLiga. Coach players Robert Prajgel won the sixth consecutive success and took second place in the league.

In the premiere, hosts jumped with their rivals after two sets, the first four (8: 4), then with five points (12: 7), and then controlled the score. Their strong weapons were a service (five aces in the whole set), they were also well presented at the party. The end is two hours by Alena Pajenka (23:16) and the attack by Vojciec Talinski on the weight of the set and the last point that was won by Maksim Zigałov (25:18).

In the second part, the very beginning was balanced (7: 7), then the initiative was taken over by radomes that were successful in the offensive, which restarted the heavy service. A series of seven winning balls actually set the course for this party (13: 7). Later, the inhabitants of Katowice did not have much to say, and the hosts controlled the situation, closing the block of flats (25:16).

In the third set, the Katovites stayed a little longer because they kept their rivals by 12:12. Later, the volleyball players of Black Cerrad showed the next round, crossed with Zigolo (16:12), and then again, when Talinski (19:14) shone and the guests' chances to extend the match, they are clearly falling apart. The Katovites still struggled, they reduced the difference, but the Radomans began to calm down in victory. Zigałov won the match (24:20) and although the rivals defended themselves in two consecutive campaigns, the Karol Butrin service in the network ended the set (25:22) and the entire meeting.

Most points: Maksim Zigałov (15), Vojciech Žalinski (13) – Cerrad Czarni; Karol Butrin (15) – GKS. Hosts preferred the attack (41-32) and at the service (9-4), they also made fewer mistakes (15-20); block points (5-5). MVP: Dejan Vincic.

Volleyball players from Radom continue the winning series. Ograli Indikpol AZS Olsztyn 3: 0, Cuprum Lubin 3: 0, ONICO Warsaw 3: 0, Aluron Virtu Varta Zaviercie 3: 0, Chemist Bidgoszcz 3: 1, now GKS and reinforced elsewhere in the table. The leader of the Kedzierzin-Kozle League loses only two points. This will be played on Sunday (November 18th) from Stocznia in Szczecin.

Cerrad Czarni Radom – GKS Katowice 3: 0 (25:18, 25:16, 25:22)

Cerrad Czarni: Alen Pajenk, Dejan Vincic, Vojciech Zalinski, Hubert Novak, Maksim Zigalov, Tomasz Fornal – Michał Ruciak (libero).
GKS: Bartlomie Krulicki, Karol Butrin, Dominik Depovski, Emanuel Kohut, Marcin Komenda, Tomas Rousseauk – Bartosz Marianski (libero) and Gonzalo Kuiroga, Maciej Fijałek, Rafał Sobanski, David Voch, Bartosz Krzisiek and David Ogorek (livero).

Results of the remaining games from the 7th edition of PlusLige:

2018-11-10: Jastrzebski Vegiel – Trefl Gdansk 3: 0 (25:22, 25:16, 25:18)
2018-11-10: Cuprum Lubin – PGE Skra Bełchatov 0: 3 (16:25, 17:25, 22:25)

2018-11-10: Indikpol AZS Olsztyn – Chemist Bidgoszcz 3: 0 (30:28, 25:17, 26:24)
2018-11-11: Asseco Resovia – ZAKSA Kedzierzin-Kozle 2: 3 (13:25, 26:28, 25:20, 25:23, 18:20)

2018-11-11: Aluron Virtu Varta Zaviercie – Stocna Stecin 3: 0 (26:24, 25:23, 26:24)

2018-11-12: MKS Bedzin – ONICO Warsaw 1: 3 (25:22, 17:25, 17:25, 20:25)

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