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Poland – Czech Republic. That's why Brzeczek Buxa and Matinia

When Adam Buxa and Hubert Matinia appeared among those who were invited to matches with the Czech Republic, malicious comments were heard: "Jerzy Brzecek made a mistake in representing a transfer deal in Visla Płock." How is it real and whether the selector had a nose on the player of the Pogon Szczecin?

The cases of both players do not have to look so comical when we look closer. This Bucks is attractive. Here is a player who recently did not fit even on the bench of the 21st substitute team, they are invited to an adult representation.

– Young players play one striker, and the place in attack is reserved for the captain of this team, David Kovnacki. In my adult adult theater, this was certainly helped by the fact that coach Brzeczek knows me from Lechia Gdansk, where he led me – emphasizes Buksa.

Jerzy Brzecek discovered that he had a different role for Bucks than an attacker. Among the attackers we have a unprecedented harvest: Levandovski, Milik, Piatek and Kovnacki and Vilczek are waiting in the reserve.

The coach had the idea to test a powerful young man in which we had a problem for some time, and on the left wing.

The journey Adam made since 2013 when he went to Novara from Višel Krakow, later through Lechia, Zagłebie Lubin and Pogon Szczecin, to go to Biało-Czervonich is longer than indicated in the five years that passed.

He left from Krakaa thin and fragile as a blade of grass. From Stacy to Sopot, to a group of staff, a tall, powerful, muscular man arrived. Now his rivals reject him as a ping-pong ball, not him.

Novara paid him an equivalent – almost five thousand. Euro, and in July 2018, the prospect drove to 350,000. Euro and certainly did not make a mistake. The mere fact that she called for representation has increased the value of a blonde blonde to at least half a million euros, although Porter would not even sell it because the future belongs to him!

– It happened quite a lot during this time. I got experience, I developed football. I also went through several injuries, so I appreciate the place where I am. These were not the cool guys, but worth the sacrifice, because the card can always be turned, "says the footballer, who is experiencing a lot.

We emphasize many times that the key player in career development is the coach of the club who shapes it every day. Adam is aware of that.

– The call for me is also a great contribution to my coach, Kostia Runjaic. His methods have a positive impact not only on me, but also on Sebastian Valukievicz and Sebastian Kovalczik, who have the opportunity to perform in Ekstraklasa. And we pay a good game, "Bux says. – Coach Runjaic added a large brick to this meeting.

The pupil of Wisla in Krakow also included the young teams of Garbarnia and Hutnik, who are still interested in the fate of these clubs.

– Kostunica I'm following recently is difficult because he did not manage to win several games, but the same promotion in the first league after such a long break is a big success for the club's points.

At Adam's footsteps followed by his younger brother, Alexander, who two years ago, after the match of the Polish national team at 14, won the medal from Zbigniew Boniek himself.

– Olek was involved in the first High Team. This is a very promising player, with similar characteristics to me: he is a left-handed forward, also with blue hair. It develops very well, intelligent and has well planned football for every day – praises Junior Adam.

It is also not a surprising appointment of Bush's friend Hubert Matini. In the position of the left defense counsel, we are not overwhelmed, that is a deficit in the global sense. Maciei Ribus was freshly injured, played only one match – as Brzeczek said, "injections," because if it was not, Maciei would be in the camp in Sopot. In addition to "Ribka", surely Rafał Pietrzak, as well as Matinia, who are recently noticed by the form, are definitely in the forefront of left-wing defenders.

From Sopot, Michał Białonski

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