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Poland's earnings have calmed down with the EU average in 59 years


Pace in Poland is growing at a slower pace than GDP

"The dynamic development of the Polish economy, which has taken place over the past two decades, does not overestimate the full increase in the remuneration of employees in the local community." In the period 2000-2017, the average annual drop in dew in Poland is 0.9% slower than the dynamics. earnings Catch Up. When will the salary in Poland reach the EU average? ", would not it be because of this disproportion (if salaries are in Poland at the rate of GDP), the average employed in Poland in 2017 would have earned an average of 1,834 gross more than currently earning (average salary would not be 4 517 z and 6 351 z). Including all the "wasted" wages in this way since 2000, average Pol would earn 190.3 thousand. of the more "- we read in the statement.

Poland is far from the EU average

Poland still lacks the average wage in the EU. According to Eurostat data, the average monthly salary of EU citizens is almost 2.9 thousand. gross euro. This is almost three times the average salary of a Polish citizen whose monthly salary is 982 euros.

"Grant Thornton's experts simulated the process of fetching richer EU countries into the EU, on the assumption that for each country in the future, the dynamics of the compensation from the last three years for which comparative data is available (2014-2016) remain." According to the report, with these reports our country will soon be home to Portugal – it would be in March 2023. Germany, on the other hand, has been caught up in the country – due to the relatively high growth rates observed in recent years by our Western neighbors (compared to other richer EU countries) The salary of Poland and Germany would only continue in May 2077. Interestingly, at the same time – in May 2077 – we would also get an average salary across the European Union, "the statement said.

"The calculations presented in the report are based on the assumption that the dynamics of earnings are maintained, and obviously we realize that the probability of such an expectation is particularly low in the long run, but this approach allows us to answer, perhaps, to the question that disturbs all Polače – when our fee reaching the European level, we see that this perspective is far away – the summing partner for management, Grant Thornton Tomasz Vrblevski.

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