Tuesday , September 27 2022

Ranking "Bilda". Anna Levandovska is the queen of the VAG in Germany


Anna Levandovska received "hoch" or "high" rating in all categories created for ranking purposes. "Bild" took into account sports factor, activity in social media, glamor and power factor, i.e. The influence of the partner on his football career.

Journalists "Bilda" noticed that Anna Levandovska is considered a star in Poland. In addition, Instagram watches over 2 million users, making it very popular on the Internet. Wife of Robert Levandowski was awarded for the fact that she has an impact on her husband's career, including giving him advice on diet or exercise.

Who was in other ranking places? Ann-Kathrin Goetze, the wife of Borussia Dortmund's Mario Goetze, left for second place. On the other hand, Shanga Forsberg, Emil Forsberg's wife, RB Leipzig, was at the lowest level on the podium.

The other ranking sites were taken by Izabel Goulart (fiancee Kevin Trapp), Cathy Hummels (wife Mats Hummels), Laura Vontorra (wife Simon Zoller), Ina Aogo (wife Dennis Aogo), Mirjana Zuber (wife Steven Zuber) and Lilly Hollunder Rene Adler).

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"Bild" created the VAG ranking in Germany. Anna Levandovska is the leader

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