Monday , September 27 2021

“Retirement” for canine police voted by the Sejm. “Taking care of your destiny is a duty”

– Thanks to service animals, many human lives have been saved and many dangerous criminals have been captured. Taking care of their destiny in service, and especially out of service, is our ethical duty, said Minister Mariusz Kamiński on the day of the presentation of the bill regulating the status of animals in service.

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Slovak police show how police dogs are trained

Parliament decided to “retire” for police dogs and horses

In late June this year, MPs passed the pension law for animals serving the police. In the services subordinate to the Ministry of Interior and Administration, there are 1,207 psw and 62 horses, and most belong to the police.

As we read in “Gazeta Police”, every year 10 percent. of these animals are removed from service and, after that time, the ministry did not provide the means to support the former “police worker.” Thanks to the act adopted, the rules for removing animals from the service and the possibility of staying with the current guardian, who will receive funds for the maintenance of the pet, have been regulated. In addition, it was specified at what age the animals should be removed. For dogs, he is 9 years old and horses for 15 years.

Passing from the volunteer opposition brigade to the Smolensk monument in WarsawActivists display EU flag at monument to victims of Smolensk disaster

Reliable service partners. Dogs and horses to the police

The most important tasks of dogs working in the police are to patrol the service area, ensure safety and law and order in mass events, escort and detain especially dangerous people.

Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and ScienceCzarnek on the return of students to schools and unvaccinated teachers

“Dogs are also very necessary in water rescue, they help save drowning people and find corpses. Quadrupeds are also used to track down criminals and missing people, search the area and buildings, locate the smells of various substances such as drugs, explosives, etc. firearms, shells, “as well as human corpses. In addition, dogs are involved in identifying traces of people’s perfumes, ”a police statement said.

Police use horses primarily to patrol green areas, beaches and cities. In addition, they help agents during research actions and in research.

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