Saturday , May 8 2021

Sonny will release E3 2019

We do not have good news for players, especially for PlaiStation fans. Sony Interactive Entertainment will announce the next year E3. For the first time in the 24-year history of the world's biggest games, there will be no manufacturer of PlaiStation. Information is not yet official, but sources seem to be safe.

This is the second major industrial event on which there will be no Japanese companies. In September, Shavn Laiden, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Vorldvide Studios, said Sony would not host the annual PlayStation Expertise in December. The reason for giving up the event is the lack of specific materials from new games. It was assumed that Sonny was preparing for something big that was supposed to happen in E3 in June. Speaking of course, announcing the new PlaiStation 5 console.

That's why the resignation from E3 2019 seems a very surprising move. Maybe Sony actually prepares for a lot of advertising for the new platform and wants to do it in his party, but it makes sense, it should be held before the fair in Los Angeles.

On PlaiStation 4 there will be a few other exciting titles, such as the second edition of The Last of Us or Ghush of Tsushima. The lack of new material from these games and the absence of its publisher at the largest feature event will certainly have a significant impact on the sale of PlayStation 4, which has already beaten the result of the previous generation.

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