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Sylwia Wysocka in the backstage of the relationship with the former couple. “I received several strange offers from him.” The prosecutor comments on the case


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In April, at Sylwia Wysocka’s home, there was a row and a fight between her and her then-partner. As a result of the incident, the actress suffered serious health problems. It turned out that the spine, leg and arm were damaged. Over time, vision problems began. Wysocka returned with her memories of that day and described in detail what had happened and what it was like to live with her ex-partner.

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Sylwia Wysocka in the backstage of the relationship with the former couple

The well-known actress, among others from “Plebania” confessed in front of the cameras that she had learned about the many years of betrayal of her partner. When she learned the truth, the man began to oppress her and make her all sorts of offers that were unacceptable to her. The family has a blue card.

It turned out that my partner has been living a double life since 2008, something I didn’t know about and for almost 11 years I was cheated on. I received several offers from him, strange offers that I could not accept. A guy, some triangle, a life like he was leading, that I have to accept. (…) He started harassing me mentally and physically. She forbade me, she told me to go to the house at 10, she would change the locks, she took all my keys, including the box – she said excitedly.

He made the decision to leave the house, but the accident happened. It started with an argument on the stairs and then the man started joking about the actress. He wanted to defend himself, but failed.

He grabbed my hand, started to stretch me, wanted to hit me, so I walked further, even lower [po schodach – przyp. red.]. He kicked me in the chest with all his might. I grabbed the railing so as not to fall completely and then pushed myself with all my might and fell down the stairs – she described.

After leaving the hospital, he could not even return home: his keys, documents and telephone were taken away. So an ambulance took her to her sick mother. The actress is currently in rehab and the prosecution is dealing with the assault.

The evidence collected allowed the defendant to file allegations of misappropriation of property to his detriment, in addition to causing harm to health. The suspect did not plead guilty to the alleged facts and provided extensive explanations on the matter, reported on the “Alarm” program. Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, of the Prague District Prosecutor’s Office.

Sylwia Wysocka confessed to the material that she felt hurt and relied on the fact that, despite everything, she would be able to clarify the whole matter with her ex-partner, without going to court.

Sylwia WysockaSylwia Wysocka was unable to enter her home. Police intervention was needed

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