Tuesday , July 5 2022

The deputy of the PO summoned to the commission of Smolensk. "I have nothing to do with Smolensk, but I will appear" politics


Deputy Cezary Tomczyk (PO) reported on Tuesday night that Twitter has just "collected" the call for the meeting of the Sub-Commission for the search of air crash.

Cezary Tomczyk convened the Smolensk commission

As the deputy of the PO stands out, the letter signed by the former president of the Ministry of Defense, Antoni Macierewicz, shows that "Cezary Tomczyk" dares to the commission the following day – Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. As we read, the subcommittee wants Tomczyk "give information." necessary to clarify the air incident on April 10, 2010. "

This committee should have been liquidated for a long time. After four years, he managed … It's true. He did not fix anything. However, millions of Polish citizens have squandered

– commented on the activities of the attached subcommittee of Smolensk, sharing the photo of the magazine on Twitter. He also valued that, in his opinion, the call not only that it is "legally dubious" is still "curious."

A moment earlier, the deputy Tomczyk was one of the guests of "Kropka nad i", in which he said he did not know the reason why he invited him to the committee. – I have no relationship with Smolensk, except that he was a deputy at that moment – he said. He added that, according to him, the commission carried out strange experiments and did not even investigate the remains of the aircraft. He said, however, that on Wednesday, at 13, he will surely appear before the committee chaired by Antoni Macierewicz, because he has several questions for his members. – I would like to know how it is possible that this is the first committee in the world that deals with aviation accident research, which did not investigate the shipwreck and that it was not at the site of a catastrophe .

Another similar MP, Paweł Suski, received a similar PO, and two hours later he will appear before the Smolensk commission, that is, on Wednesdays at 3:00 in the morning, Suski also writes about the fact that the call is strange and, besides, it is not based. "Is the subcommittee Smolensk looking for new evidence of an assault?" – asked Paweł Suski on Twitter, where he also showed his call.

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