Wednesday , May 12 2021

The royal photos of Prince Charles were published. Meghan again "breaks protocol"

The royal photos of Prince Charles were published. Meghan again fot. ONS

On November 14 this year, Prince Charles celebrates his round, 70th birthday. Monarch is the first in line with the British throne. Unfortunately, his turbulent personal life made him one of the few favorite members of the royal family. Some even want Queen Elizabeth to hand over her throne to her grandson, Prince Villiam.

On the occasion of Karola's birthday, Kensington Palace decided to publish new photographs (incomplete) royal families. The main protagonist of photography is, of course, the jubilee holding one of his grandchildren on his lap. Together with Carol, Duchess Camilla, Prince William with her family and prince Harry in the company of Princess Meghan.

Images were taken some time ago, when Meghan's pregnancy was not yet visible. Despite the similarity, published photos, however, are a bit different. In the first place, the royal family is very official, but on the other it allows for more freedom.

Experts have already seen another "interruption of the protocol" of floving in the royal world of Meghan. Judy James, an expert on the body language, points out that it is Prince Harry's wife who is too free on the picture.

Meghan breaks down the formality, which is best seen in her second position. Leaning forward and laughing, she seems to have joined the children in front of you – said the expert in the conversation The mirror.

I'm overreacting?

fot. ONS
fot. ONS

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