Thursday , July 7 2022

The wife and father of ukasz Lonka deny information about his death. Motocross is in very bad conditions and struggle for life


Contrary to the information a few hours ago, popularized by almost all media, sports activists, despite the condolences of motocross clubs, friends, friends of Łukasz Lonka, the biker is still alive. The athlete's wife informed him.

Łukasz, my beloved husband still lives! We are surprised by the condolences that influence us: Edyta Lonka, the sportswoman, wrote about her Facebook profile. – Łukasz is in very difficult conditions and fights for his life, therefore, we ask for prayers and not for condolences.

All the people and the media who have made this false information available to you instead of supporting Łukasz and us in the struggle for their lives, immerse me and our family in mourning.
The news about the death of ukasz was confirmed, among others, by the Lublin motocross club, activists, including Zbigniew Zakrzewski, president of the Człuchów club. The head of AMK Człuchów, after the information published by Łukasz's wife, contacted Jacek Lonka, his father.

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– I have information that Łukasz is alive – says Zbigniew Zakrzewski. – Jacek Lonka told me that Łukasz is connected to a respirator, his condition is very serious, but the heart of Łukasz beats.


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