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This is for sure – Sunset Overdrive will hit the computer [aktualizacja: premiera na Steamie]


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Sunset Overdrive – released in 2014 on Xbox One, crazy sandbox by Spider-Mana, or Insomniac Games studio – will also go to computers. The information was officially confirmed by major Nelson and developers.

Sunset Overdrive goes to computers. - That's for sure - Sunset Overdrive will hit the computer [aktualizacja: premiera na Steamie] - message - 2018-11-16

Sunset Overdrive goes to computers.

UPDATE: Sunset Overdrive The computer is now available – not only in the Microsoft store, but also on Steam. The game costs PLN 79.99, contains additional equipment that was previously published on KSOne and offers a full version in Polish.

Sunset Overdrive – a fun outdoor shooter from the Insomniac Games studio (known among others in the Spiro and Dragon Spider-Man series), released on Xbox One in 2014 – it will also go to Windows 10 computers (it's probably an exclusive title for the Microsoft Store, but for now it's not safe). The rumors that go into the media for some time are officially confirmed on his Twitter by Larry Hill, the Xbox fans known as Major Nelson.

Watch tomorrow's episode "This Week on Xbox", where we will greet Ted Price from Insomniac Games to tell us about Sunset Overdrive on computers with Windows 10 – we read in place.

The producer of the title, who commented a bit humorously, also sent his notes to Twitter.

Tomorrow prepare the receivers to learn more about the best secret in the gaming industry! – we read.

We also got a trailer that you can see below. Finally, it's worth noting that the release of computers on the Amazon website (now unfortunately removed) Sunset Overdrive was available at a price of about PLN 76 ($ 20) – with money we also get booth and accessories Mystery Mooil Rig i Dawn of the Fall of Fallen Machines. We also remind you according to information from the same source, the game will be available today (November 16th) – to confirm these stories you have to wait for the premiere of this episode This week on Xbox.

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