Tuesday , July 5 2022

Victoria's Secret Shov ends. Adriana Lima opens on the runway


Adriana Lima becomes Victoria's Secret when she turns 19. Now the model drank from the label. During the last run there was no lack of emotion.

Victoria's Secret Shov. Adriana Lima appears

An unusual photo of Adriana Lima appeared on the official Instagram Victoria's Secret. It shows how the splash model. The stars, first of all, how many times he ended his co-operation with the famous brand of underwear, and now the time of real avoidance has come.

Adriana Lima was very closely associated with Victoria's Secret, thanks to this brand she got a saw and became recognizable. No wonder that in the latest show, beauty can not deal with emotions and worms in the public.

Adriana Lima is with Victoria's Secret

Adriana Lima decides to greet Victoria's Secret on the instagram. It's a good idea to make a photo of the first shows and a very mobile description.

Dear Victorio, be crazy to show me the world, share the secrets and, above all, not only give me wings, but also teach me summer, "the model wrote.

Adriana Lima is 37 years old, so she slowly ends her adventure with modeling. However, we will certainly hear it.


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