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Voivodeship Minister Zielinski? What really happens in Suvalka Police


The intervention on unfavorable news from Suvalka on November 9 was taken over by Bozena Kaminska in Sejm. During a debate about the scale of police protests, a PO deputy asked about the events described by the Courier of Suwałki. Joachim Brudzinski, minister in charge of internal affairs and administration, was also sent to interpellation on this issue, but the Presidium Sejm has not yet led him. Journalists of the portal, who were trying to get a comment from the police headquarters in Suvalka, also remained unanswered. In Fakt24 we present information that we managed to obtain in the social communication team at the municipal office in Suvavka.

The official who contacted us did not confirm that any official was delegated to protect the property of Minister Zielinski. "Police officers do not perform tasks related to personal protection" – it was written in e-mail in response to the question whether the KMP officers in Suvalka (or one of the neighboring commands) were entrusted with the permanent control of the property of Minister Jarosław Zielinski.

We also raised the question whether the alarm installed on the property of Minister Jarosław Zielinski had a direct connection with KMP in Suvavka. Such signals came from the officers who contacted the media. However, this question remained unanswered. The next controversial issue was the ban issued by Minister Zielinski (or his personal) in connection with the participation of officers at the celebrations organized by the authorities of Suvavka.

According to information coming to the editorial office, due to political conflict with the authorities of the second largest city of Podlasie, uniforms can only participate in competition events, signed by Zielinski. "The tasks carried out by the City Police Commander in Suvalka and the leadership of the unit, directly resulting from legal acts, and participation in ceremonies were not included in any orders and prohibitions" – was denied in Suvalka.

It is not known how much truth is in the information about training police officers. The information we have – and "Suvalki Courier" – show that during some visits Jarosław Zielinski in the region was wearing uniforms and putting up kits together with sunglasses to play the roles of State Security officials. Why? The SOP Society allegedly launched prestigious Zielenski. The Social Communication Team of the NPM in Suwalki has also not solved this issue. We have managed to come to terms with the event, during which, as our source claims, there will be mystification. The ceremony was held on May 20 this year. in Suvalka on the occasion of the Day of Firearms. Photos have been posted by "Suvalian Courier" and you can watch them HERE. So far, the SOP has not found any questions about the presence of its officers on Suvalka that day.

What is confirmed? In the e-mail that the editorial office has, the police admit that the NMP employs a priest whom our informers mentioned and that Mrs. Kaminska spoke at the Sejm. "In the KMP in Suvalka, a chaplain is employed by the pastoral ministry" – they replied, adding that "the chaplain does not have the right to drive a company with a driver". However, it is not known, since when it is employed, how many are the salaries of the clergy, or what is subject to his duties.

The activity of deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Jarosław Zielinski raises questions and concerns since the beginning of his mandate. At the end of 2016 police officers from Bijelistok instead of patrolling the streets had to cut off confetti, which were then demolished by a helicopter in a visit to the deputy minister in this city. Apsurdno? It's still interesting. Shortly thereafter, Augustov's video came into the net. He shows a particularly attractive group of pensioners who, dressed in Hawaiian costumes, danced before the deputy minister. In the summer of the same year, the politician visited Podlasie Kolno. The excuse for the visit was the 97th anniversary of the establishment of the Polish police. There would be no sensation in it, if not for one detail … Red carpet was borrowed from the nearby church, after which Jarosław Zielinski, as a sultan, went to the monument to mark the victims of the Smolensk catastrophe. In turn, in January 2017, police officers from Szczecin received an order to drag into the plates and cling to the back of their wings. In this way, the officers pretended to be angels. It's impossible to bore Zielinsky. At this year's holiday, photographs from the opening of the production hall in the Red Bour Prison made a sensation. The ceremony was honored by Deputy Minister Yaroslav Zielinski, and teenage gymnasts were in front of officials. In this situation, is it still surprising that, especially on the occasion of Zielinski's visit to Lomza, from the local market, the landmine was dug up, on which the EU flag stopped?

We will post additional information on this issue after we receive a response from KMP in Suvalka.

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