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Wrocław train – Sobótka – Świdnica. You have signed a contract.


PKP Polish Railway Lines S.A. signed a contract for about 200 million PLN for the revitalization of the Wrocław route to Świdnica through Sobótka. The investment of the Voice of the Lower Silesian Voivodship 2014-2020 will allow convenient, efficient and safe access to the city of Wrocław in the city and weekend trips to the region, among others Żlęży and Świdnica .

As part of the National Rail Program, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. have signed a contract for the design and execution of construction works related to the revitalization of the railway line nº 285 in the Wrocław Gł section. – Świdnica Przedmieście / along with line 771 Świdnica Przedmieście – Świdnica Miasto /. The contract provides the design documentation and the obtaining of permissions and decisions necessary to carry out the work.

For the passengers, the revitalization of the railway line in the Wrocław section – Świdnica means comfortable and secure rail connections to Wrocław Główny, without getting into traffic jams, including the Wojszyce, Ołtaszyna and Partynic areas. the Kobierzyce area, Domasławia and Bielany Wrocławskie. The line runs through Sobótka Zachodnie and, therefore, the tourists who travel to the area of ​​the Ślęża massif or Świdnica will definitely benefit from the renovated route. The Wroclaw trip to Świdnica, depending on the number of stops, will last approximately 60-80 min.


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At 14 stops between Wrocław and Świdnica, the best service will be provided by new and comfortable platforms duly illuminated and marked. The facilities will allow access to trains for all travelers, regardless of traffic opportunities. After the works, the tracks, the installations and the control devices of the section of 60 km, the trains will be able to travel at a speed of 80 – 100 km / h. The level of security will increase the reconstruction of 39 steps by rail and road.

In 2019, works were planned in the section Sobótka Zachodnia – Świdnica Miasto. Another robot, Sobótka Zachodnia – Wrocław Gł, will be next year. The completion of the task is planned at the beginning of 2020/2021.



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