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Xbox Game Streaming It will now play in the cloud in the PC app

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Jakub Krawczyński

This year Microsoft would officially introduce the ability to stream hundreds of games from the Xbox Game Pass service to PC, in the cloud. All you need is a browser, broadband connection and basically any computer. It will be a breakthrough in electronic entertainment: hundreds of millions of people will have a library of several hundred games that can be played literally for a few zlotys. Meanwhile, Ars Technica reporter Sean Mackovech discovered the possibility of using this option before Microsoft introduced it publicly.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service costs PLN 54.99 per month in the official Microsoft store. However, for people who are joining for the first time, the first month costs 4 PLN. It takes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play in the cloud – the cheaper version of Game Pass doesn’t have that option.

Just go to the RG Adguard portal and paste the address: The website will show us a list of downloads that can be found on the website with the address provided. To play in the cloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we need the Xbox Game Streaming app. This is the one that appears with the extension: .appxbundle and has 217.8 MB.

When we download it, we have to manually change its extension (right click, choosing “rename”) to .Appx. However, for it to start normally, we need to enter the settings panel (above the computer stop button in the Start menu): Settings -> Update and security -> Developer -> Developer mode -> Install applications from any source.

You can then start the application. You will be asked to enter “Offer Identifier”; in this field you should enter: XGPUBeta. And now you can play.

The application is in test form, so far completed, and the performance is not yet optimal. However, it works. And you can even play: it has a slight lag, but it offers a vision of the future to come soon.

photo: Jakub Krawczyński / dobreprogramy

I checked out the “Prey” and “Eternal Doom” games. They could be played, but the latter title, due to the dynamics and 60 FPS, sometimes significantly reduced the level of detail in motion via WiFi. For people who, however, have weak computers or laptops not suitable for gaming, already in this experimental version can be a gift from God.

It’s worth remembering that right now, playing in the Microsoft cloud uses Xbox One S consoles. In the future, probably not too far away, the Redmond giant will install Xbox Series X consoles in its server rooms. fluidity, shorter loading times and better graphics.

At this time, the application does not natively support gaming mice and keyboards, a USB-connected driver is required.

Microsoft will give up the ability to play Xbox Game Pass games in the cloud from a PC and iPhone (iOS) browser during the first half of this year.

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