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"A few years ago summer festivals were frequented by people."


Mafalda Sampaio, well-known in the digital field, also, like Maria Vaidosa, went to social networks to make the aftermath of the issues that gave more than talk about NOS Alive.

What is one of the most famous personalities of the digital commented in the first place, the wave of criticism in excess of brilliance at the glance festival.

"A few years ago we seemed that a lot of people went to summer festivals and summer festivals were frequented by people. Calm, in the sense that nobody wanted to know how I was dressed. In the United States they were all beautiful and wonderful. And this was seen as: "Wow! They will be fixed, we will have a little more and we have the fluff, "he began by saying.

The founder of the magazine Maria Vaiosa continued referring to "it has been circulating" that "NOS Alive has had many influential." With that, Youtuber has shown that he does not agree with the concept of influencing, since "we are all influential in a general way."

"I am not an influential, my job is more than influencing people to buy things that they do not need. I think what I do is more than influence people to buy things and a shit""he said.

Still in relation to the festival, Mafalda revealed his perspective on the different faces that were associated with the brands of the event. "The people who were there went to find gifts while I went to the game in Rock In Rio in 2002. But the way these people have some followers on Instagram. But that does not mean they do Instagram in time Full employment, they are not people who dedicate themselves to it. It is a bad contraction for the brands that called them ", he said.

Mafalda finished the videos with a message to the respective brands: "This is my opinion, it is worth the money, and there are some very stupid brands out there, such stupid brands, they continue betting."

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