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AirPods Max, Apple’s Bluetooth headphones, go on sale in Brazil | Earphones

AirPods Max, Apple’s Bluetooth headset for headphones, is now available for purchase in Brazil. These are the first headphones in the AirPods line, which includes active noise cancellation, space audio technology and adaptive matching, which optimizes real-time sound quality. The accessory comes in five color options: space gray, silver, light green, blue and pink.

In turn, the official price is $ 6,899, a value far superior to direct rivals in the domestic market, such as the Sony WH-1000XM4, which is at $ 1,999, or the Beats Studio3 Wireless, on sale for at least R $ 1,799 *. This amount is close to the $ 6,999 charged by the iPhone 12 as soon as the mobile phone was launched in the domestic market.

AirPods 3 is expected for 2021 with a “new” design, according to rumors

AirPods Max goes on sale in Brazil for R $ 6,899 – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

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In terms of technology, the Apple phone offers active noise cancellation, in which the phone cancels out most of the external noise for a more immersive user experience, as well as adaptive equalization. which adjusts the audio signature in real time. According to the apple, reproduction must be quite accurate, regardless of the genre in which it is reproduced.

Equipped with nine microphones (eight of which are only for noise cancellation), the AirPods Max feature a stainless steel design that promises greater resistance to rivals with a plastic finish, for example. Their housings are easily removable, the AirPods Max also invest in fabric lining, which indicates greater durability, as materials that simulate leather tend to peel over time.

The Apple phone also includes the Digital Crown button, which concentrates the various functions. The user can, for example, activate Siri (which also works directly by voice), control playback and adjust the volume from the same place. With a promise of battery life of up to 20 hours of playback, the AirPods Max has a kind of cover that puts the accessory in a low-power state, the Smart Case.

Smart Case puts the AirPods Max in a low-power state to save battery – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

Space audio, on the other hand, refers to 3D sound technology that aims to simulate directional audio, especially in compatible content, such as movies, series, and even games, by simulating a home theater. in the ears.

Easy integration with Apple devices can be a powerful buying argument for the phone provided by the H1 chip, also present in AirPods and AirPods Pro.

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