Monday , May 16 2022

BALL – Seferovic's Magic Night confirms Switzerland in the last four (League of Nations)


Switzerland confirmed a startling start in the final quarter of the League of Nations, defeating Belgium 5-2, largely accomplished thanks to Haris Seferovic's most inspired evening.

After a black start, where he saw that the Belgian team was placed ahead of the score in two goals, the penalty sent by Ricardo Rodriguez to 26 minutes was a milestone in the match. In 31 minutes, Seferović began to appear on the match, re-establishing the Shakiri pass. After 18 minutes, he scored twice and put the Swiss team in front of the table.

It was necessary to win with two goals difference – because of the exact equality in the event of a win and a defeat with 1-2 in Belgium – an obligation that Elvedi scored in 62 minutes.

The match would not end without Benfica striker who finished the hat-trick at 84, leading to luxury and consequential qualification for the next stage.

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