Monday , January 17 2022

Barueri suspends inspection of Aedes aegypti outbreaks inside properties during pandemic – DIÀRIO DA REGIÃO


Due to the second wave of Covid-19, which is much more contagious, the activities of anti-Aedes aegypti outbreak agents in Barueri houses are suspended. Professionals were instructed to evaluate only the external areas (front, side and back of the yard or terrain). On the other hand, inspections motivated by complaints are carried out with restrictions. From 1 January to 16 March, the agency received 68 complaints related to breeding sites, 44 of which were by telephone and email and 24 via the APP. The Regulatory Instruction also advises officers to avoid crowding into vehicles leaving the field and to pay attention to properties where there are people with Covid-19 symptoms. In Barueri, this work corresponds to the Arbovirus Surveillance team, linked to the Technical Department for the Control of Zoonoses (DTCZ), of the Coordination of Health Surveillance. Aedes aegypti is the transmitter of dengue, zika, Chikungunya and yellow fever.

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