Monday , May 10 2021

Brazil. Bolsonaro offers asylum to Cuban doctors who want to stay in the country

Brazilian new president Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday that his government will offer political asylum to thousands of Cuban doctors who do not want to return to Cuba after the suspension of the "More Doctor" program.

Bolsonaro's remark follows the Cuban government's decision to suspend the Mais Medicos program, which allowed doctors in this country to provide services to distant and poor Brazilian municipalities.

"If I am president and one of these doctors decide to file an asylum application, he will have it," he told the future Brazilian head of state at a press conference in Brazil, the capital.

Bolsonaro also said that the Labor Party (PT) governments, first with Lula da Silva and later with Dill Rousseff, threatened to immediately deport Cuban doctors who applied for asylum in Brazil, and therefore little attempted the proceedings.

"We can not accept it, we can not threaten them as PT governments have done, we can offer them asylum," the newly-elected president said.

The announcement of asylum can benefit from around 11,000 Cuban doctors who provide their services in Brazil through the program and who, after returning to their country after the decision of the Cuban government, will be suspended for participating in the initiative to reject Bolsonaro's "threatening and disgusting words" about the project.

The program in question is an initiative of the PT Socialist governments, the important allies of Cuba in Latin America, and allows the engagement of foreign experts to help the Brazilian population in remote, isolated and poor areas.

Jair Bolsonaro said the abolition of the program was declared "unilateral Cuban dictatorship", regardless of the damage it could cause to the poor Brazilian population.

The far right politician said that Brazil should reconsider the contract to determine whether there is a possibility of sanctions if the agreement is unilaterally terminated by one of the parties.

Bolsonaro added that the Cubans can replace almost 20,000 doctors Brazil is doing annually and doctors from other countries who want to participate in the program.

The elected president of Brazil added that he never hindered the rejection of the "More Doctor" program for humanitarian and work reasons, because in his view Cuban doctors are forced to travel without family members and receive only 30% of their salaries, while the remaining 70% are allocated to the Cuban Government.

"It's inhumane to leave these professionals out of their families, many women are here until their juvenile children can leave Cuba," Bolsonaro said, citing he also opposed the program, "because 70% of the salary has been seized by the Cuban dictatorship."

The former military captain also criticized Dilme Rousseff's decision not to require Cuban doctors to take the exam in Brazil to renew his diploma, as required by doctors from other countries and Brazilians who are trained abroad.

"We have no evidence that these Cubans are doctors and ready for service," Jair Bolsonaro said, adding, "We've heard stories about the crimes of Cuban doctors, these people (poor professionals) can not continue in Brazil."

In five years, some 20,000 Cuban officials served more than 113 million people in more than 3600 municipalities in Brazil.

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