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Campaign against rabies in dogs and cats temporarily suspended


from Redao on 06/30/2019
Campaign still nThe vaccine against animal rage in Jaguarina, programmed and published by the Municipal Secretary of Sade, has been suspended temporarily and awaits a "green light" from the Ministry of Health.

According to a statement from the municipal secretary of Sade, María do Carmo of Oliveira Peliso, the possible lack of antiviral vaccine to immunize dogs and cats in the State of São Paulo, which was informed by the Pasteur Institute, responsible of the manufacture of the animal rabies vaccine

The notice sent to the Secretary of Health of Jaguarina comes from the Group of Epidemiological Surveillance of Campinas, directly linked to the Secretary of State of Health and signed by Mrs. Regina Pacla, technical director of Sade II.

The statement suggests that municipalities suspend the production of broadcast material and any other measure that generates costs for the vaccine provided.

Prior to this news, the Sade municipal secretary hopes to wait for the confirmation of the dose of vaccine against animal rage, as well as the actual reception of the material.

"Only after settling the situation will we announce again when the Antirrbic Vaccine campaign will be carried out in Jaguarina," says Secretary Maria do Carmo.

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