Thursday , October 6 2022

Cristina Ferreira seduces former boyfriend Rita Ferro Rodrigues – News


Cristina Ferreira knows that for success it is important to be surrounded by good professionals, but also with friends. And if you can tie two more things together. That's why he harassed Joao Patricio, director of the Fatima Lopes program at TVI, to move to the SIC … and accepted.
Joao Patricio worked with Fatima Lopez for 20 years. First in the production company Comunicasom, veteran Manolo Bello, who for many years was responsible for the morning and afternoon programs of the SIC, then in Kueluz de Baiko. She has now accepted Cristina's invitation and will wear a SIC sweater.

And that was Manuel Luis Goucha who discovered the newspaper: "Your director went? That was a shame," the presenter said in a conversation with Fatima Lopes. "It does not matter," said the housewife.

Joao Patricio was known, in addition to his professional side, because he had two famous figures: Rute Markues and Rita Ferro Rodrigues, with whom he worked in Comunicas. During the months in which they lived a passionate romance, Rita and Joao were targets of several paparazzi … but the relationship ended and Rita Ferro Rodrigues returned to the hands of the one who was her ex-boyfriend, Ruben Vieira, who she was with.

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