Wednesday , December 8 2021

CUF Viseu to assess the risk of diabetes


The CUF Viseu hospital will hold a free review of diabetes risk assessment on Wednesday (November 14th) to celebrate the World Disease Day. Participation in this action is free and does not require pre-scheduling.

According to the health unit, the goals of risk assessment are raising awareness of diabetes and warning the population of this pathology that continues to affect the lives of the population.

The Directorate General of Health estimates that in Portugal, diabetes affects 13.3 per cent of the population aged 20-79, of which 44 per cent is not aware of the disease.

About 200 new cases are diagnosed daily in Portugal. More than one million people suffer from diabetes, and it is estimated that about two million people are pre-diabetes.

Diabetes is considered a chronic metabolic disease, which may have several causes and is characterized by an increase in blood sugar (glycemic).

Everyone can suffer from diabetes, whose risk factors may increase the likelihood of hypertension, cholesterol, overweight or family history.

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