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Estadio do Dragao is 15 years old. Remember 15 important moments here

On November 16, 2003, illusionist Luis de Matos lowered the helicopter in the Estadio do Dragao field, baptizing a new FC Porto stadium that inherited Ants's old stadium to celebrate 50,000 fans who were witnessing live inauguration. Since then, the tricks were the second, just as magic counted hundreds of players in a number of places.

Beautiful fun filled the architect with pride. "If I have to choose the moment for these 15 years, I choose the day of inauguration. It was the most memorable for me, to see the job ready and to be used by people. It was a very nice party, with a diverse program, with cultural and FC Porto won a powerful Barcelona (2: 0) in a game that debuted Lionel Messi It was a great day for me and I think of all the porters I saw everything I was very cold and people complained about the wind and the cold, but in general, the comments were were very positive, "said DN Manuel Salgado, an architect responsible for the Dragon. Since then, there were 13,149,875 spectators in 373 matches in stadium stands.

As an architectural work, Dragon has accumulated rewards and titles beyond those won by the football team. FIFA has five stars with an asterisk and differs in areas such as ecology – the Greenlight award for the best European project by the European Energy Agency in 2003, recycling – the 100R certificate from Sociedade Ponto Verde, which guarantees 100% waste treatment in 2009 year – and even steel industry – award for the best European project of the European Convention for the Construction of Steel Structures 2003. The Dragon was the first stadium in the world that received certification of integrated quality and environment.

Praised by those who visit him, the work of architect Manuel Salgado is, above all, functional and versatile. It hosted concerts of some of the world's biggest bands, such as Rolling Stones in 2006, world-wide auto racing events such as Champ Champion, music festivals, conventions, birthday parties and even weddings. "It's a different stadium from most places, it has a very different design with an unusual schedule in the stadiums. It's done very carefully, with all the space outside the planned bench, to the bathrooms, corridors, places where people get to know before they get in. what she thought and it was clear that since the inauguration day was great pleasure, "the architect said happily, without hiding the" pride "for the versatility of the armor.

Inspired by "Roman stadiums, who are the eyes of all stages", for Manuel Salgado, "heavy ground" proved to be an excellent inspiration: "Adapting to that very heavy, sloping terrain that required a somewhat complex typography was the solution was an unbroken ring and two side benches with a unique lid so that the place was a great inspiration. "

According to the author, Dragon is the work of a "very large team," who does not respect praise for portal leaders for the way they managed the entire operation, even during turmoil and controversy: "Justice is binding, especially Pinto da Costa. He listened and did a little , but when it did, it was crucial and decisive. "

15 years, 15 moments

Inauguration on the holiday and the premiere of Messiah

The inauguration of the Dragon Stadium took place on November 16, 2003, in a private match against Barcelona, ​​which was coached by Frank Rijkaard, and was also in the history of a debut event that is now considered one of the best players in football history: Lionel Messi. The Argentine was then a young promise, it was 16 years old and 145 days when he entered the field of porters. It was only 16 minutes, but the Messiah's magic began in the Zmaja field, when Fernando Navarro took the lead in the 74th minute. On the other side are FC Porto, Jose Mourinho and names such as Vitor Baia, Nuno Espirito Santo, Jorge Costa, Ricardo Carvalho, Maniche, Hugo Almeida and Derlei, who allowed the last two shooters to win 2-0. "I have the greatest happiness of feeling that today the whole city is happy, those who live well, those who live like this and those who live badly." Everyone is happy this day. others are happy, "said Pinto da Costa at the time, complaining of Barroso's absence and praising the presence of UEFA President Lennart Johansson.

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