Tuesday , May 11 2021

Facebook begins posting the option to delete messages sent by Messenger

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From now on, all users of Facebook Messer will feel a bit more like Mark Zuckerberg: the company has announced that it finally provides the function of deleting messages sent by the social messenger.

According to what the company explained, with a new update, any messages sent by an application can be deleted within 10 minutes, becoming constantly after that. This will correct spelling mistakes or remove uncompleted sent messages or send the messages to the wrong people, but will not allow editing old conversations. It's good when you're drunk and you have a bad idea to send a "hi buzz" to your sober self who does not give you the ball – that is, if you complain about the moment you press the button.

The option allows you to delete messages up to 10 minutes after sending (Image: Facebook)

The "Remove for All" feature replaces deleted content with a message that what was removed there (as already done in VhatsApp). And, in order to prevent the use of the abuse function and virtual stalkers to erase the traces, the deleted messages will remain on the server on Facebook servers, enabling them to apply for an estimate even after being removed from the conversation.

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The existence of a Messenger messaging feature was discovered in April this year, when six anonymous Facebook users discovered TechCrunch that Mark Zuckerberg's CEO removed messages sent by Messenger. The reaction at that time was very negative, with the existence of a tool available only to the executive director of a company that was considered a violation of user trust and abuse of power by the company, who volunteered to work on making the tool available to the whole community.

Removal option is currently available only in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania, but Facebook has already been guaranteed to be publishing worldwide in the coming weeks.

Source: Tech Crunch

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