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Free | Get to know the list of free games for Nintendo Switch


Without representation in Brazil, Nintendo games can here somewhat agree on Svitch in the current conversion of the dollar. However, the console has a good list of free games for fun while you do not have that extra extra option for another game.

All in all, there are 14 titles with some pretty interesting ones. Let's face it:

Fallout Shelter

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The famous game was originally released for smartphones in 2015 and later won its console version. Here, you have to manage the vaults, so-called. The pillars of the universe Fallout. Like every good place full of people, it's obvious that you are dealing with lack of space, food shortages, misunderstandings in the environment and outside attacks.

The advantage of Svitch for other consoles is that the title is fully targeted. It's much easier to play on the little Nintendo console than on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Fallout Shelter It's free in eShop.

Pokemon Kuest

This is the title of Nintendo that was released in March this year to prepare new players in the franchise space Pokemon. The game offers a pokemon adventure in the scenario stiled in the voices, that is, the volumetric pixels.

The game features a complete mechanic of a free smartphone address. This means that you can count on time when you have to wait to play again and encourage you to invest real money.

If you want to have a fuller review Pokemon Kuest, there is a complete overview of the game here at Canaltech.

Namco Museum

Although this title is not completely free, it's part. He has a demo with Pac-Man VS. If you have a friend with a full version of the game, you can compete online, just for a free demo.

Of course this is not the title completely free, but it's worth the console entertainment.


This is a free (and much less complete, obviously) version of the game in the same style as the series Super Smash Bros.. The game brings about 40 characters fighting in the same Nintendo game. It is, here, it's important not to fight until the end of the opponent's life, but throw it out of the stadium.

As a free title, Bravlhalla impresses with the game and the amount of content. It's worth downloading for free.

Pinballs and shooters

These are two genres in which the Nintendo console is well served. The console has at least four free titles: Pinball FKS 3, Stern Pinball Arcade, Pinball Arcade i Zaccaria Pinball.

Like all the names of the genre, they are very similar and certainly can satisfy those who miss these machines in real life. Highlights turn to a beautiful 3D look Pinball FKS 3 and for the aspect of the anime in Stern Pinball Arcade, with very interesting visual productions.

Already for the shooter genre, there is the game "navinha" Galak-Z. The address is a shoot classical and brings a whole narrative for the best Japanese style of manga.

Most famous

Finally, it's worth remembering that even though these names are already well known, it's always worth noting that Svitch also counts on games like Fortune, Paladini i Arena Valor. If you do not know any of them, we summarize.

Fortnite today is the game that is most often played today. Although not 100% free, his most famous way, the battle of roiale, is free. Also, it's worth remembering that it is possible to create matches with other players on the computer, mobile platforms and consoles.

It's already Paladini was dedicated as a free version Overvatch. With the same arena shooting style, you choose your class and collaborate with your team to win opponents on mission through the scene.

Finally, Arena Of Valor it comes to extinguish the will of MOBA players on the console, such as League legend or Dota II. The game brings 39 free heroes that you can choose to fight in teams of five against five.

It was a commendable accent of the console. Full list of free titles is:

  • Fallout Shelter
  • Fortnite
  • Pokemon Kuest
  • Kitten Squad
  • Namco Museum
  • Pinball FKS3
  • Stern Pinball Arcade
  • Pinball Arcade
  • Arena Valor
  • Bravlhalla
  • Dawn of Breakers
  • GALAK-Z: Variant S
  • Paladini
  • Zaccaria Pinball

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