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It seems that a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G caught fire …


Galaxy S10

It seems that a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has exploded! – Samsung made a steep recovery (: P), after what happened with the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, and their batteries. However, it seems that for something bad, if one of the last smartphone 5G Galaxy S10 was passed, since "supposedly" from nowhere, it caught fire.

The first Samsung 5G smartphone began to be sent to Korea a few weeks ago. (Verizon will arrive in the United States on May 16)

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But, in a very curious way, a Korean consumer came to the public to say that after 6 days of use, his S10 5G began to emit smoke while still on the table.

After these first worrying signs, the user grabbed the phone and threw it on the floor. (which, according to him, was the only impact that the mobile phone suffered)

After the incident, the consumer contacted Samsung and brought his Galaxy S10 5G to an authorized repair center. Subsequently, Samsung replied, saying that he could not compensate for the damage, because "there is no evidence of external damage."

As you know, the Galaxy S10 5G has the battery longer than ever, from a Samsung smartphone (4500mAh) … Do we have a repeat of what happened with the famous Galaxy Note 7?

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Samsung has launched an exchange campaign to buy the Galaxy S10

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The family of smartphones Galaxy S10 had a great "hype" over you. But after hundreds of leaks and rumors, Samsung seems to have fulfilled and launched a very nice, innovative and powerful smartphone that can be good for the South Korean company in the market's isolated leadership.

However, it is also true that competition exists and is strong … Samsung knows this, so it's time to attack rivals with campaigns! In particular, the campaigns for exchange

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