Saturday , August 13 2022

Japanese Web Summit makers open the door to Europe


They crossed over to the countries and traveled thousands of miles on a journey of many hours to reach Lisbon. Six Japanese startups came to the Web Summit with JETRO, Japan's Foreign Trade Promotion Agency. For most, this is the first time in the Portuguese capital. Inside the case, not only the computer, but also the ambition to open doors in Europe.

Doors that can be clients as well as potential business partners. This is the case with Riot Mihara, from Ambie, who created different headphones. "This is a new device. We have already started in Japan, but we want to expand to other markets. We want to be global and that's why we came" to the Web Summit. Under the same tracks, FutuRocket, a launch made by an artificial intelligence device called a hackphone, comes in and attempts to convert an analog phone into a smart remote system, just touching the keys on the phone.

"It's a smart control device, you can turn on the lights or it can be programmed to send a message to Gmail or Slack. It's much easier, faster, and simpler," said Hiroumi Mitami, a company leader. "I was in Rizzo in Hong Kong [organizada pela Web Summit] but we think it's a great conference Feedback people of different cultures and making connections. "

Empath has developed a solution that allows you to identify emotions in real time, regardless of language. He came to Lisbon with a mission to find partners for his device with potential robotics. "We are trying to find buyers around the world," Hazamu Iamazaki said, not hiding that he had already met some people who might be important to launch.

Sotaro Nishikava, one of the leaders of JETRO, claims that the Web Summit "has many startup events" and that "it is a good opportunity for startups early stage".

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