Thursday , August 11 2022

Loule approves a budget of € 105 million for 2019


By 2019, Lule will have a budget of about 105 million. Suggested Budget and Master Plan options have already been approved and focused onecological sustainability, access to housing and fiscal competitiveness.

As part of a political strategy to make Loule in a "more inclusive, more competitive and more sustainable" municipality, "he returns to tax cuts".

"Following the tracking policy and ongoing budgetary monitoring," the fiscal package for 2019 was adopted. "As for IMI, it will be re-determined with a valid minimum rate of 0.3%," explains Tovn Hall.

"On the other hand, as a means to combat desertification and demographic aging, IMI has reduced by 30% in relation to the minimum rate applied in the parishes of Alte, Ameikial, Salir and Uniao de Freguesias de Cuernenza, Tor and Benafim," adds he.

Also, there will be a reduction of 20, 40 and 70 euros (fixed amount) at the IMI rate per household, i.e., depending on whether there is one, two or three or more dependents, respectively. This is in the case of immovable property intended for permanent and durable housing. "

The Loule Chamber also again denied 5% of the revenue from the change in the IRS, releasing taxable persons with tax domicile in the district since paying them.

In order to attract corporate capital to the municipality, Camara de Loule will continue to refrain from using tax and non-corporate income taxes.

"Support to families and companies, the Municipality of Loule continues with an attractive fiscal policy with the lowest tax burden ever," municipal officials said.

The budget does not forget the ecological problems, according to the municipality, "a strong commitment to unimpeded mobility and energy and water efficiency as options derived from the Municipal Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change."

"For this item, more than 12 million euros will be directed to initiatives such as the purchase of electric / hybrid vehicles, the installation of electric car charging stations and intelligent water meters, or the Vivo Laboratory for decarbonisation in Kuarteira.

For a year in which some projects will develop in terms of housing strategy, the autarchy will invest about 20.7 million euros in support of families and access to housing, in order to buy land, build a fire and rehabilitate the building, with a municipal housing program to be launched Soon.

Education, too, "is a priority in the coming year." The main investment will be achieved in the delivery of school records by the age of 12, in complementarity with the free distribution of school textbooks by the Government, investment in school transport and even with meals for students.

Among the main projects that will be financed by the Municipality in the field of health, for investment of about 7 million euros in the construction of INEM buildings and the ACES Central Family Service / Continuous Care Unit and in the area of ​​Civil Protection and Security, with the works of the building of the District of GNR, SIRP – Information System of the Portuguese Republic and CDOS – District Operation Command for Faro assistance, in the amount of about 5 million.

"The proposal of the budget and the main options of the Municipal Planning Plan of the Municipality of Loule for 2019 basically aims to support measures for families and companies in accessing housing, energy and water efficiency, and adapting to climate change by integrating such a strong component of social intervention and establishing a notorious priority in defending the sustainability of life environment, "emphasized municipal officials.

These documents will be submitted to the consent of the Municipal Assembly at the next regular session.

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