Saturday , October 1 2022

Madeira holds a clarification session of the Local Association of Accommodation on New Rules


The Association of Local Accommodation in Portugal (ALEP) today defended it "urgently" to explain the operators of the sector about recent legislative changes, the reason why it will organize sessions of clarification at several points of the country, starting with Lisbon.

"We will hold sessions in the main points of the country," Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and Madeira in the next two and a half months until the end of January, told ALEP president Eduardo Miranda. clarifications are essentially intended for those who already have local accommodation, but also for those who intend to invest in that sector.

The first ALEP initiative will be held on Saturday in the capital, with the theme "The Future of Local Accommodation in Lisbon".

"The main goal is to clarify the changes that have taken place, there have been changes in the new law, even on fiscal issues," Eduardo Miranda said, as the debate over the legislative process "brought more doubts than answers and heard many wrong explanations, wrong interpretations. "

In this regard, ALEP's representative considered it "urgent" to help domestic landlords to clarify "in a practical and direct way" the suspicion of new rules.

Among the topics to be clarified are the areas of detention and interventions of condominium in the authorization of local accommodation, added Eduardo Miranda, adding that there are other changes in the law of the sector "which were a little forgotten", but also needs to be clarified, namely new obligations related for manuals, institutional capacity and a new registration process.

Regarding the obligation to insure more liability insurance, which the new law establishes, but in Portugal there is no insurance with this classification, ALEP expects that the "soon" situation will be clarified, "on the initiative of legislation", saying that "it always supported and always thought it was an interesting measure for this insurance, as long as it is proportional. "

On the future of the sector in Lisbon, ALEP President recalled that "local housing has gone from niche or sectors with growth potential to become one of the pillars of tourism," presenting today "a third of overnight stays, close to presenting half of overnight stays in the coming years", so is the challenge faced by operators associated with professionalisation.

"We need to help operators, owners, local accommodation managers become professional, but without losing what we consider to be a soul, a personalized service, this is a big challenge, that is, professionalization with personalization," responsible for the sector association, stressing that what is different in the local the accommodation is "the ability to sell what Portugal has the best, and that's the Portuguese."

Regarding the role of municipal councils in local authority powers, Eduardo Miranda envisages a "diverse impact" among 308 Portuguese municipalities, since the establishment of a retention area can be applied only in areas of overload, as is the case with some neighborhoods of Lisbon.

"The rest of the country is a matter of adaptation. We believe that the carriers will adapt, it is necessary, they have clear and practical knowledge of what these new requirements are," said the president of ALEP, advocating that it is essential that each municipality "create what it's quicker his rules to make the rules of the game clear. "

The decision that enabled municipal councils and city councils to intervene in the authorization of local housing units entered into force on October 21, enabling the establishment of a retention area, "by regulation and with a reasoned decision", to "preserve the social reality of neighborhood and places."

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